Key Takeaways:

  • Many jobs in the services industries are in demand.
  • Transportation, healthcare, and retail roles continue to need new talent.
  • The pandemic is still having a major effect on the labor market and what jobs are available.

Although the labor market remains steady despite the number of available positions decreasing over recent months, it is still a candidate’s market, and those in search of the perfect position have many to choose from. Check out the top 10 jobs hiring now below. 

  1. Truck Driver

According to our data, this job has seen over a 29% increase in hiring volume. Truck drivers load, haul and unload goods all over the country. Learn more about why the transportation industry is so in demand here

  1. Security Officer

As many companies are switching back to working in-office and schools are now in-person it comes at no surprise that security officers are currently in demand with a 28% increase in hiring volume. 

  1. Customer Service Manager

Customer service roles are always in demand, but have seen a 25% increase in demand as of recent. 

  1. Nurse

The healthcare market is still very in demand while still trying to recover the hundreds of thousands of jobs lost amidst the pandemic. Nurses are especially in demand with a 24% increase in hiring volume. 

  1. Line Cook

The restaurant industry has been short staffed since the beginning of the pandemic and is still struggling to fill open roles such as line cooks. This role has seen a 23% increase in hiring volume. 

  1. Application Developer

Application developers are always in demand with our ever evolving technology. Currently, there is a 22% increase in hiring volume for this role. 

  1. Receptionist

As many employees return to the office full time or part time in a hybrid role, receptionists are needed to direct calls and assist with daily office duties. This role has seen a 21% increase in hiring volume. 

  1. Cashier

Despite the rising cost in goods and services amidst inflation, cashiers are still needed, especially as the holidays are approaching. According to our data the demand for this role has increased to 16%.

  1. Merchandiser

Merchandisers are also needed to order goods for stores, which is looking to be a challenge with shortages of goods all over the U.S. Merchandisers have had a 13% increase in hiring volume. 

  1. Sales Associate

Sales associates in many industries are always in demand, but as of recent have seen a 2% increase in hiring volume. 

Many companies are hiring now, and in search of the right fit and fill their open vacancies. Do you know what roles your competitors are filling and what they are paying for top skills? You might need future-looking pay benchmarking data that can help you predict the future of pay and level of demand for top roles. 

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